Delivery Assurance Tracking System

LogisticEye prevents misdeliveries and increases performance with the powerful delivery tracking solution based on RFID technology
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Manifested Packages
Are Tracked Automatically
When they are loaded or unloaded.
No more manual barcode scanning
is needed
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Stop Misdeliveries
And Prevent Loses
Get notified about missing package,
missed stop, or misdelivery
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Use your smartphone to locate any
missing package or equipment
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Real-time package tracking
and delivery history
scan package

The Best Way
To Track Your Package

LogisticEye is the delivery contractor companion. It scans RFID tags on multiple packages at once, notifying if the packages in a truck don’t align with a driver’s daily manifest, and ensures that packages get delivered to the right place at the right time.

Real-time tracking and loss prevention of hundreds of packages is possible now with our proprietary RFID technology at an affordable price. Your deliveries are tagged, tracked and secure. Nothing disappears from your truck unnoticed.